Universitat Rovira i Virgili

The diagnosis of the problems that LGTBQI people have regarding their sexual and reproductive health as well as the right to exercise their identity

  • Data Sheet

    Funding Body: Madrid Salud, Ayuntamiento de Madrid

  • Pl: Sam (Sandra) Fernández Garrido

    Project Supervisor: Oriol Romaní Alfonso

    Period: 2016-2017

This research consists of an exploratory study whose objective is to recognize the main issues related with the field of sexual and reproductive health and the

right to the exercise identity in the LGTBQI (lesbian, gay, trans, bi, queer, intersexual) population

living in the city of Madrid.  It is proposed as a participatory instrument allows the LGTBQI population to be involved in defining the problems and to articulate necessary recommendations to confront them.  Consequently, the report that we present helps both a as knowledge and action tool, as such it will allow the establishment for future projects based on knowledge produced from the actors in this same collective.