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Doctorate in Anthropology and Communication

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Dra. Dolors Comas d'Argemir


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Interuniversity Master in Medical Anthropology and Global Health

Posgraduate in Collective Mental Health

This doctoral programme is the result of the merger of our Doctoral Programme in Anthropology of the Department of Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work, and the Doctoral Programme in Communication of the URV's  Department of Communication Studies. It has two objectives: to improve the scientific- and academic excellence of existing programmes and to continue evolving towards an interdisciplinary field of research, which just a few years ago seemed unlikely. By reformulating a closed, traditional and rigid map of disciplines and subdisciplines, the new Doctoral Programme in Anthropology and Communication has therefore a short-, medium- and long- term process to explore the increasingly evident intersections among the research interests of researchers in the two departments.

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Research line in Medical anthropology and global health Directors

Mental Health, ethnopsychiatry and transcultural psychiatry, food, addiction studies, history of science (antropology, medicine and psychiatry), drugs and processes of marginalization studies, and international health.

Dr. Josep M. Comelles (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dra. Mabel Gracia (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Àngel Martínez (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Oriol Romaní (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dr. Enrique Perdiguero Gil (UMH) (ELIMINAR)
Dr. Istvan Czachesz (Un. Heidelberg)(ELIMINAR)
Dr. Joan Artur Caylà Buqueras(ELIMINAR) 
Dra. Lina Cristina Casadó (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV
Dra. Maria Antònia Martorell (URV)(ELIMINAR) - CV