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SOCATEL: Co-creating for a better life

SoCaTel is a co-creative platform to implement long-term care laws for the elderly.

SoCaTel will create, implement and pilot a co-creation platform with multiple modules and multiple interest groups, which will facilitate aging in a friendly environment and community for the elderly, improving their quality of life. This platform will be co-created jointly with the interest groups linked to SoCaTel as professionals, senior citizens, researchers, engineers and innovators in the business world. The SoCaTel platform will facilitate the free choice of government and / or private services that offer long-term care duration, in accordance with the needs of the citizens, and will allow their voices and those of their representatives to be heard.

Associated Institutes:

Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), University of Tempere (Finland), Gál Feremc College (Hungary), Trinity College of Dublin, University of Dublin (Ireland), Blau Advisors Strategic Partners (Spain), Cyprus Research and Innovation Center (Spain), Ozwillo Foundation (France) and Everis (Spain), the City of Tampere (Finland), the Health Service Executive Spain SL (Spain)


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Socatel és un projecte finançat per la Comissió Europea