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Basic Readings for intiatition into Medical Anthropology

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This page was created at the end of the last century by Enrique Perdiguero (U. Miguel Hernández) and Josep M. Comelles (MARC). This creation sought to respond to the frequent demands of students and non-students on basic readings "to begin" to get into this field. We rescued here a collection of classics that have not aged over time; and that are useful for those who, out of sheer curiosity, approach the world of MARC.

What to read to begin?

The first step, the most elementary, googling "medical anthropology" or "medical anthropology". In both cases the answer leads to Wikipedia, a page developed by MARC members in Catalan, English and Spanish. It contains links to different resources and a complete and updated list of manuals in this discipline.

A second step is to approach a classic book like WHR Rivers Medicine, Magic and Religion. You can download it on this page for free in the Catalan edition. But he can also resort to two self-ethnographic books produced by two Catalan anthropologists:

The current panorama of medical anthropology in the world

In 2004 Francine Saillant and Serge Genest compiled a volume that contains a series of states of affairs by countries, which has had, so far, two translations into English and Portuguese. They contain a chapter with the case of Spain:

Initiation Bibliography (non-English)

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