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Anthropology and Global Health in times of COVID

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The Medical Anthropology Research Center (MARC) at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) convenes its 6th Colloquium with the aim of reflecting on the impact generated by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the new (and not so new) challenges in health care, the organisation of health and social-health services, public policies, social responses, social participation in health, the role of care and the governance of global threats. Undoubtedly, these challenges force us to engage in a dialogue between anthropological knowledge and global health paradigms which, from a critical viewpoint, will allow us to work collectively and interdisciplinarily for the right to health for all in a post-COVID society.

The colloquium will be presented by healthcare sector professionals and researchers in the fields of epidemiological, social medicine, sociological, anthropology and medical anthropology, and queer pedagogy, among others. There will be two main conferences and four round tables that will respectively discuss the vision of health professionals, attention and care, the role of social medicine and the ethical and social challenges (see attached programme).  We encourage you to attend and participate.

Conference on Thursday 12th of May 2022: Eugene Richardson (Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard University)

Conference on Friday 13th of May 2022: Andreu Segura (Vocal del consell assessor de salut pública; SESPAS)



HIBRID FORMAT: In-Person Attendence: Sala de Juntas, Campus Catalunya, URV // Livestreaming link will be sent by email after registration

For more information and details, email: marc@urv.cat

Organisational Committee: Deborah Bekele (URV), Angel Martínez-Hernáez (URV), Francisco Ortega (ICREA, URV), Joan Guix (URV), Carlos Chirinos (URV), y Elisa Alegre Agis (URV)

In collaboration with the Department of Anthropology, Philosophy, and Social Work (DAFITS-URV), Masters Programme in Medical Anthropology and Global Health (URV-CSIC), and the Doctoral Programme in Anthropology and Communication (DAC-URV).