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Medical anthropology is a subfield of social or cultural anthropology. It is the translation into Spanish of the term medical anthropology that serves, since 1963, as an identifying label for empirical research and the production of theory by anthropologists on social processes and cultural representations of health, disease and practices. attention or assistance and their relationship. In Spain, terms such as "anthropology of medicine", "anthropology of health" or "anthropology of disease" have also been used. In Europe, the term "medical anthropology" was used, occasionally, during the twentieth century to designate philosophical studies on health and disease. It was the Castilian adaptation of the Dutch term "medische anthropologie" coined in the 19th century, made by the historian and philosopher Pedro Laín Entralgo in different works. However, in the scientific literature in Castilian, Catalan, Galician or Basque, the term medical anthropology today refers to Medical Anthropology, an indisputable label in international literature.

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