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X Medical Anthropology at Home (MAAH) Conference

from the 18th to 21st October

We invite researchers to reflect critically on the current state of the notion of "subjectivity" in medical anthropological inquiry. The preliminary questions that might enhance this discussion are: Is subjectivity an illusion or a promising topic in medical anthropology research? Can medical anthropology restore intersubjectivity in processes associated with health, illness and cure/care practices? 

This meeting is conceived as a reflexive encounter open to a broad range of topics that include but are not limited to:

  • Subjective worlds of affliction: illness narratives. 

  • Subjectivities at risk in the biomedical context.

  • Ethnographers' subjectivities and afflictions: the wounded ethnographer.

  • Illness experience, embodiment and body-scapes.

  • Bio-power, biopolitics, psychopolitics and processes of subjectivation.

Keynote speakers: Thomas Csordas and Janis Jenkin


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