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MARC researchers participate in the AGORage project

The researcher Isabella Riccò, from the Social Anthropology Research Group (GAS), is in charge, together with Adele de Stefani, of coordinating the AGORage project. For her part, Claudia Anleu Hernández is the Principal Investigator. This project is one of the pilots of the Horizon 2020 COESO macro project: Collaborative Engagement on Societal Issues.

The fundamental objective of AGORage is the promotion of a process of social intervention aimed at fostering the inclusion of older people who live in residences and cohousing in a neighborhood in the city of Treviso (Italy).

Throughout the project, older people, professionals, neighborhood informants will be involved in different activities such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, co-creation workshops, with the aim of co-creating together a toolkit for the implementation of a caring community.

The final product will be made available to care service providers who wish to promote the integration of the elderly in the neighborhood and thus create a caring community. The translation into different languages ??(English, Catalan, Italian) will allow the AGORage experience to be replicated in other contexts.

Researchers from the Istituto per Servizi di Ricovero e Assistenza agli Anziani (ISRAA, Treviso, Italy) participate in the project together with the members of MARC.


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