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The final report of the project "Care Matters" was presented

Professor Dolors Comas presented the final report of the project "Care matters. Gender impact on caregivers of the elderly and dependents in times of Covid-19 "on December 16 at the headquarters of the CCOO in Madrid.

The research began in June 2020 and according to Comas it has been an emergency study, due to the context in which it has been carried out, in which 54 researchers from 10 Spanish universities took part.

Among the results, the impact of the pandemic indoors is addressed, in the family from the suppression of services such as day centers, reduction of home caregivers. "My life has stopped," said some relatives, especially women.

In this sense, the research reflects that care is perceived as feminized work, often carried out by people with low qualifications, mostly foreigners. The lack of protection and rights of the same was also evidenced, since on different occasions they worked without a contract.

These situations demonstrate the crisis of a fundamental pillar of family care, such as the caregiver, which shows that a change is required in the care system.

Access the full presentation of the report here:


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