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Conferences hosted by URV’s MARC

The 2nd conference was in Tarragona, Spain in 2001.

The themes were "The contribution of medical anthropology to anthropology" and "Liturgies and rituals in medicine". The 3rd conference was held in Perugia (Italy) in 2003, on the theme: "Medical Anthropology, Welfare State and Political Engagement". The 4th conference took place in Seili (Finland) in 2006, on the theme: "Coming Home: From biomedicine to everyday health issues". The 5th conference in Sandbjerg (Denmark) in 2008, was on the theme: "Medical anthropology, health care systems and the client society. Investigating interactions of practice, power and science". The 6th conference took place in Royaumont Abbaye (France) in 2010, on the theme: "Transformations of the body and social uses of symptoms between local and global". The 7th in Driebergen (Netherlands) in 2012, was on "New Socialities and Subjectivities in Health Care in the 21st Century". The 8th Conference took place in 2014 in Bologna-Bertinoro (Italy), on the theme: "Assemblages, transformations and the politics of care".

The network meets approximately every two years to present and discuss recent work.

Medical Anthropology At Home (MAAH) is a network of medical anthropologists who do research in their own culture and society. The network's aim is to bring together medical anthropologists in order to discuss theoretical, methodological and practical issues in relation to health and culture.


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