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The Medical Anthropology Research Centre is an initiative of the Department of Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work - DAFITS, with  participation of members of ASTERISC Research Group of the Department of Communication Studies, and members of the Departments of Nursing, Economics and Business, Catalan Studies, History and History of Art, and Medicine and Surgery. It is an interdisciplinary research center of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili located in the city of Tarragona. It is a multidisciplinary center oriented towards research and knowledge transfer at the interface between the Social and Human Sciences and the Health Sciences.

Today medical anthropology is one of the most developed fields in professional anthropology, powered by the demand for interdisciplinary applied research, for it's role in the basic training of health professionals in most developed countries at the second and third cycle and further. The set of research and career options today is very wide. At the URV, Medical Anthropology is a field that has gone on maturing over three decades and has placed it as a reference institution in Southern Europe for the international community of medical anthropology. The Encounters and Engagements conference attended by over 500 participants from 52 countries of the five continents in 2013 would endors the significance of the URV in this field and its relationship to the city of Tarragona.