Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Postgraduate in Collective Mental Health

Interuniversity master in Medical Anthropology and Global Health

Doctorate in Anthropology and Communication

Altres estudis del Departament d'Antropologia, Filosofia i Treball Social

Interuniversity Master in Youth and Society

Master in Urban, Migation and Social Intervention

This postgraduate course is a participatory and interactive learning proposal that fuses theory and practice: class, group analysis sessions, and workshops. It is a training perspective that focuses on people's health, their afflictions and vital itineraries. The main point is the need to generate spheres and the collective construction of devices, shared and participative; supportive processes for the promotion of autonomy and in the everyday personal lives of people with mental health and functional diversity problems.

The objective is to train experts in the creation and development of participatory devices and tools in the field of rehabilitation and mental health care;  in the processes of intervention and social inclusion with a multidisciplinary perspective and constant tie with the community.

Detailed information on the Diplom can be found at here.